Nuevo Rock'n'roll 



Fused together to shake the underworld.
This triforce of adrenaline craved, silver tongues soul-sucks sound straight from the netherrealm. Held together by the sun and the moon, the heaven and the hells, the necromancers of rock:
The Sunset Drip.



Bassist & Lead Vocalist



Guitarist & Vocalist

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Ear Splitters

The Sunset Drip hit hard. A triforce mashing bone shattering Rock n' Roll with heavy psychedelics.


The journey began with a crash. An earth crumbling collapse of projects prior brought together two of the most unique musicians Montreal had to offer. Brandon Gear and Mosquito Mike.

The Sunset Drip rose from a dimly lit basement, to a self-created, live-in, fully equipped recording studio. The Drip's psychedelic sounds intrigued a friend and sound engineer Anthony Rocco. Rocco took on to recording their debut, which will be released in the Summer of 2020.

The first single "Sexy Lexi", was released on October 31st, 2019. "Sexy Lexi" is the first of a series of singles that blends a trip through the desert with a journey to mars. The track attracted the attention of Montreal icon Tom Shemerr, guitarist and songwriter of local legends, The Damn Truth who ended up working on the mix and master of the track. 

-------"High energy and the best fuzzy red coat I've ever seen..." -------
---------------------------- - ---

With nothing to lose and all to gain, The Sunset Drip set out on the wildest ride of their lives. Their space begins to take on a life of its' own. LACKhausRecords is born and fully prepared to engage ear drums worldwide. 

                Armed with a tour van and a lust for adventure. The Sunset Drip set out on tours across Eastern Canada with sister band;
Pussy Stench 
Circa summer 2019.

               From local dives to big theatres, a buzz has started to build around the city of Montreal. Promoters, musicians and fans of The Drip have been highly anticipating their upcoming endeavours. So far; one Canadian and a short US tour are in the works. Between them, a string of Montreal shows to keep the band busy while they wait to support Jupiter Hollow in Ottawa.  Their further intentions include taking their sound to Europe by October 2020 all while arranging a festival tour for summer 2021.

With the collaboration of many talented artists and producers involved in the music community and industry, The Sunset Drip aim to reach new heights within 2020, in harness with prolonging their successes throughout 2021 and the rest of their career.


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