Fused together to shake the underworld.
This adrenaline craved triple 7 soul-sucks sound straight from the netherrealm. Held together by the sun and the moon, the heavens and hells, the necromancers of rock:
The Sunset Drip.



Bassist & Lead Vocalist



Guitarist & Vocalist






Ear Splitters

Somewhere between staggering and heavy you'll find The Sunset Drip.


Brought together by fate, Brandon Gear and Mosquito Mike started paving the road on which The Sunset Drip still rides. 

From a dimly lit basement, to a self-made, live-in, fully equipped recording studio. The Drip's come a long way in a mere two years. Their psychedelic sounds and action-oriented lifestyle peaked the interests of a group of partners and investors who helped in getting the studio to its proper potential.

With LackhausRecords born, their debut release - B A D - D R I V E R - gets brushed up and is now awaiting release for early 2021. 

Their first single SEXI LEXI, was realized back in October 2019. It played a crucial role in defining where The Sunset Drip stood. With subtle acid rock undertones, this crunchy, punchy driving track pushes the pedal to the metal and leaves audiences in awe. The release made NOISE and it was clear that The Sunset Drip had eyes on them. It wasn't long after, Tom Shemerr of Montreal's The Damn Truth approached the band with aspirations of finalizing the mix and master of not only SEXI LEXI but of their later release  B A D - D R I V E R.

-------"High energy and the best fuzzy red coat I've ever seen..." -------
---------------------------- - ---

With nothing to lose and all to gain, The Sunset Drip set out on the wildest ride of their lives. 

Armed to the teeth with a lust for adventure. The Sunset Drip were completely prepared to take the world by storm. Unfortunately, like all other artists stricken with wanderlust. Their aspirations of North American, South American, European, Japanese and Australian tours were put to a halt due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

None the less, The Drip keep their heads high and their project burning hot with passion. The downtime has graced the band with unbelievable amounts of practice and further exploration into the world of self recording. The world may be stunted but the growth of The Sunset Drip remains exponential.

Arrangements can still be made even in these pressing times through their Online Arrangements Manager :
Sue Darcy 



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